Field Survey - WP3

Field research has been carried out during the vegetation period in the Podunajská nížina Lowland (study area PN) on 24 May 2018, 14 June 2018, 27 June 2018, and 12 July 2018 (10 training and test sites) and in the Zvolenská kotlina Basin (study area ZK) on 20 to 21 June 2018 (8 training and test sites). Recorded characteristics of 8 sites (study area PN) and 5 sites (study area ZK) were used for the purpose of this Technical Note.

Applying the criteria of the AAL class definitions (see Part 2) AAL classes and LC/LU classes (see Tab. 2 and Tab. 3) with the minimum area of 0.3 ha were identified in the training and test sites sized 1 × 1 km. Results of the field survey were inserted into the orthophotomosaic at scale 1:5,000.

Nomenclature of identified land cover/land use (LC/LU) classes in training and test sites

Urban fabric


Industrial and commercial units


Road network


Rail network


Mineral extraction site


Dump site


Annual crop


Fodder crops (alfalfa=d, meadow=l, pasture=p)

Kd, Kl, Kp


AAL and LC/LU classes recorded by the field research into the orthophotomosaic in site PN8 – Dubová.