Field Survey - WP4

Field research focused on acquisition of data sources for development of ground-based AGB model on AAL areas was finished. In total, 104 plots were measured.

Two field areas were selected for field measurements to obtain input data for biomass quantification models for abandoned agricultural areas and for their validation: Zvolen Basin and Danubian Plain.

65 experimental plots were established in the Zvolen Basin, of which 30 shrubby (AAL 2), 25 tree plots (AAL 3) and 10 shrubby with solitary individuals of mature trees or with a significant admixture of young, mostly fruit trees (cherry, plum). Among the shrubs, blackthorn dominated on 58% of the plots and rosehip rose with the largest proportion in 20% of the plots.

In the Danubian plain model area, 39 experimental plots were established, of which 33 shrubby (AAL2), 2 tree plots (AAL3) and 4 shrubby with solitary individuals, mostly fruit trees (plum, walnut). Among the shrubs, rosehip rose dominated in 70% of the area.

 image011  image013
Forest mensuration for ground-based AGB model related to AAL3


 image015  image017
Exploitation of biomass sample for ground-based AGB model related to AAL2