OECD CRP awarded an individual fellowship to a member of ATBIOMAP project team

The OECD's Co-operative Research Program: Biological Resource Management for Sustainable Agriculture Systems (CRP), for the first time, awarded through a call for 2019 an individual fellowship to a scientist from Slovakia. Ivan Sačkov, researcher from the National Forest Centre and member of ATBIOMAP project team, completed scientific stay from 1 March to 30 June 2019 at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences within an international team of prestigious Research group for forest inventory and monitoring, led by prof. Næsset.

The scientific stay was focused on the development of innovative methods of forest inventory based on a combination of data from different remote sensing platforms. The cooperation included scientific seminars, new publications and the development of tools for remote sensing forest inventory. The following activities were part of the direct cooperation: (1) Formalization of the core algorithm for remote sensing forest inventory using "Area-Based Approach", (2) elaboration of a case study focused on the integration of airborne laser scanning data and optical as well as radar satellite data for the estimation of standing volume, (3) organizing scientific seminars for students, scientists and academics, (4) publishing a scientific contribution in the scientific journal Remote Sensing (ISSN 2072-4292).

“The results of the scientific stay have contributed not only to the development and sharing of scientific knowledge, but also to the progress in providing real tools for innovative identification and development of forest ecosystems based on remote sensing data. This activity is an essential prerequisite for the efficient use of production as well as non-production functions of the forest, because the information base is an irreplaceable basis for the activities of rational management in the area of forestry, environment, flood protection, urban planning, as well as other areas where information usable”, evaluated Ivan Sačkov the benefits of the fellowship stay.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the SR highlighted the facts and impacts of the stay at the ministry website emphasizing that this was the first fellowship for the Slovak Republic from the OECD Program for Agriculture Science, the first fellowship holder of the Slovak Republic is a researcher of the National Forest Centre in Zvolen, contributing to the return of membership fees of the Slovak Republic to international organizations, spreading the Slovak Republic's reputation in the OECD.

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